Few Relaxation Techniques That You Can Do Yourself

Few Relaxation Techniques That You Can Do Yourself

It is possible to relax without seeing a professional masseur. There are simple techniques you can use at home or at work to ease muscular pain and relax areas that have been stressed  by the hard day-to-day.

Self-massage means treating yourself with a do-it-yourself method that includes friction and kneading, among other techniques.

Here are some strategies for self massage at home.

Tired eyes

Place your thumbs on the inside corner of each eye while closing your eyes. All the way around the eye, move the thumbs in little circles towards the outside of the brow. This should be done multiple times.

Tension headaches

Place the thumbs on the cheekbones, close to the ears. Rub the temples gently with your fingertips.

Travel along the hairline in a little circular motion until the fingers meet in the middle of the forehead.


Extend your fingers and hands. Rub carefully from the base of the finger to the tip, tugging and twisting as you go.

Next, place your hand on your lap, palm up. Squeeze the area between the index finger and the right thumb of your hand. From the wrist to the base of the thumb, move your hand.


Your arms should be crossed and your shoulders should be clasped. Exhale and clasp the fingers together, allowing the head to slide back. Move your back and shoulders up to your neck.

Drop the head forward slightly after laying elbows on a table. Making little circles into the muscles on each side of the spine, massage the neck from the shoulders to the back of the skull.